Archive Of Today's Thoughts

Mar 18, 2018:
"If you spend your life waiting for a chance, you are spending your chance waiting."

Mar 17, 2018:
"The trouble with letting trivial things ruin your life is that they keep getting more trivial."

Mar 16, 2018:
"All I ask, if they start investigating my finances, is to let me know if they find any."

Mar 15, 2018:
"Love is a decision you might wisely reconsider, if it were a decision, and you could reconsider it, and you were likely to be any wiser."

Mar 14, 2018:
"Imagine, in the first winter, the odds you could have gotten against the first spring."

Mar 13, 2018:
"It is perhaps unfair to hold against someone the very thing that attracted us to them in the first place."

Mar 12, 2018:
"There is no fonder memory of anyone than of the things that made them happy."

Mar 11, 2018:
"We all want to be liked, often mistaken for wanting to be understood."

Mar 10, 2018:
"The best evidence that you're doing the right thing is that it isn't easy."

Mar 9, 2018:
"There are things happening today that don't make sense, and you dread the sense they would make if they did."

Mar 8, 2018:
"I've been looking over the list of spring chores I made up last fall, and darned of they aren't fall chores, after all."

Mar 7, 2017:
"The best things in life are not only free, they take less trunk space."

Mar 6, 2018:
"It is only when we have a child we cannot love enough that we realize why our parents loved us too much." 

Mar 5, 2018:
The conclusion, "Nobody cares," is always based on an insufficient sampling. 

Mar 4, 2018:
"The object of most prayers is to wangle an advance on good intentions." 

Mar 3, 2018:
"Before you discourage a child, recall your own childhood and consider what damage to your self-confidence you now believe was temporary." 

Mar 2, 2018:
"Sometimes I wonder -- maybe faith is what you get when you appeal to reason and accept its answer." 

Mar 1, 2018:
"As a rule of thumb, the more abusive your adversary, the more likely you have the right adversary." 

Feb 28, 2018:
When truth, logic and common sense are all against you, about all you can do is cry "Conspiracy!" 

Feb 27, 2018:
"It is futile to blame our unhappiness on someone who doesn't care, and so we blame it on someone who does." 

Feb 26, 2018:
"In a world of self-confident bluster, do not underestimate the sexiness of being quiet and unassuming and, at times, seeming a little lost." 

Feb 25, 2018:
"How do you find love?  You just keep showing a brave face to the world, and one day it melts someone's heart." 

Feb 24 2018:
"Shall I subtract each day of my life from some imaginary allotment of days left?  No, on the contrary, I shall add each day of my life to my treasure of days lived, and each day my treasure will grow, not diminish." 

Feb 23, 2018:
Despite all the new safety alerts in cars, nothing has ever replaced someone in the passenger's seat shouting, "Dear God!" 

Feb 22, 2018:

"Most often the person for whom we would climb any mountain and swim any sea would settle for a little conversation at dinner." 

Feb 21, 2018:

"We tend to cherish the things for which we have sacrificed, none more than the lie for which we sacrificed the truth." 

Feb 20, 2018:

"If the good Lord had intended me to make excuses for who I am, He would have given me better excuses." 

Feb 19, 2018:

"Nothing we feel entitled to ever comes to us in sufficient abundance to make us happy." 

Feb 18, 2018:
"Beware a belief that has long withstood the test of not being challenged." 

Feb 17, 2018:
"A partial action is better than a full intention."

Feb 16, 2018:
"I would rather be mortal and know that death is inescapable than be immortal and know that life is inescapable. "

Feb 15, 2018:
"We don't get to choose happiness over sorrow.  We get to choose a full life over an empty one -- and take what it brings."

Feb 14, 2018:
"Some say that true love is a mirage.  Seek it anyway, for all else is surely desert."

Feb 13, 2018:
"We are, each of us, a private soul hiding behind a public mask, complaining that our public mask gets no understanding."

Feb 12, 2018:
"To achieve great success, you must not only ignore your critics, you must ignore friends telling you you're doing the best you can."

Feb 11, 2018:
"A good part of leadership is interpreting blank looks as agreement."

Feb 10, 2018:
"Eventually you realize that nothing that benefits you and you alone benefits anyone,"

Feb 9, 2018:
"Never mind what the world expects of you.  It is too low a standard to be concerned about."

Feb 8, 2018:
"Ever get the feeling that sometime early in your life there was a briefing you missed?"

Feb 7, 2018:
"Raising kids is a series of mistakes that it is critical to make at the recommended age."

Feb 6, 2018:
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" -- a reason, every so often, to break it.

Feb 5, 2018:
"The attraction of a lie is that it invites us into an exclusive club, whereas the truth welcomes all."

Feb 4, 2018:
"A relationship is in trouble not when the passion goes but when the everyday courtesies go."

Feb 3, 2018:
"They are Godseekers both, the churchgoing believer and the pilgrim to an unknown shrine."

Feb 2, 2018:
"One rule I try to follow is to never say anything in public that I am hearing for the first time."

Feb 1, 2018:
"Politics is always about what to do when the right thing to do is a non-starter."

Dec 17, 2017:
"What I remember most fondly about childhood is that there were explanations for things -- and they were fascinating."

Dec 16, 2017:
"Today let us acknowledge all the jobs that magically do themselves -- and the women who do them."

Dec 15, 2017:
"It's nice to know the definition of love, but it's probably more important to know the definition of partner."

Dec 14, 2017:
"Sweeter than any success is having someone you can't wait to tell about it."

Dec 13, 2017:
"Essential to happiness, I believe, is the ability to discard your regrets once they have served their purpose."

Dec 12, 2017:
"You can wait for a miracle, but it's generally a better strategy to meet it halfway."

Dec 11, 2017:
"Shall I sit in a sunlit present, recalling a moonlit past, or shall I envision a starlit future?"

Dec 10, 2017:
"To grow old with a loving companion is to outlive all your regrets."

Dec 9, 2017:
"If you will keep your eyes open for it, there is always some gosh darn thing that will restore your faith."

Dec 8, 2017:
"If it makes you feel more like a fool than a saint, then you probably did the right thing."

Dec 7, 2017:
"You don't become beautiful in someone's eyes by being beautiful but by finding the someone."

Dec 6, 2017:
"If a wedding were a sales agreement, marriage would be in the fine print."

Dec 5, 2017:
"The worst thing about reacting to slights and snubs is not that it magnifies trivial things but that it enlarges small people."

Dec 4, 2017:
"In the end we're the person we pretend to be.  It is the person we thought was pretending who only existed in our mind."

Dec 3, 2017:
"Never explain -- until you meet that one special person who understands your inner soul, and then, well, God help them."

Dec 2, 2017:
"There are days I like to devote to things that don't require any action on my part."

Dec 1, 2017:
"There are many reasons to marry, marrying for marriage being the most prudent."

Nov 26, 2017:
"In an age when manners and civility have gone the way of dressing for dinner, you begin to understand why people dressed for dinner."

Nov 25, 2017:
"There is a child in every one of us, not always accompanied by an adult."

Nov 24, 2017:
"We live in unusual times.  There has always been hypocrisy, but rarely does it come out of hiding and parade down Main Street."

Nov 23, 2017:
"Lord, we gather as a family to thank Thee for all Thy blessings, most especially for making us this family and granting us this gathering."

Nov 22, 2017:
"A Happy Thanksgiving to all, especially to grandmother, be she the welcoming host, or the honored guest, or the treasured memory."

Nov 21, 2017:
"You wonder if somewhere on Thanksgiving Day there is a gathering of the departed where they raise a glass to those left behind."

Nov 20, 2017:
"So often the search for happiness takes you down a familiar street to an old address."

Nov 19, 2017:
"In a day and age when all manner of things are believed against contrary evidence -- hey, why not believe there's a little good in everyone."

Nov 18, 2017:
"Nothing today is so little appreciated as the moral character it takes to be a normal, everyday person."

Nov 17, 2017:
"A question to ask, as parent or teacher, is whether a child who never won your approval ever knew it was available."

Nov 16, 2017:
"I would tell you the secret to success if I knew what part of getting up, dressed and out the door were a secret."

Nov 15, 2017:
"We complain that life is not easy.  But did we pray for an easy life, or did we pray for happiness and fulfillment -- and did we suppose it would be easy?"

Nov 14, 2017:
"To be true to one another is not merely a promise.  There are times in a marriage when it's your only plan."

Nov 13, 2017:
"So often the person in our lives who most needs a little empathy from us is that figure in the mirror."

Nov 12, 2017:
"I have been blessed in life -- in a way that has left me never doubting the moments in Scripture when an angel appears."

Nov 11, 2017:
"Destiny -- a foreordained event, as when two raindrops, flung from the heavens, merge on a window pane."

Nov 10, 2017:
"There is hope for a country whose veterans still wave its flag and wear with pride its badges of honor."

Nov 9, 2017:
"Anger, sorrow, resentment -- there are a thousand different names for a little time that needs to go by."

Nov 8, 2017:
"We are taught to be wary of our happiness, as if it had some devious, ulterior motive.  My advice?  Do what makes you happy -- and trust in your happiness."

Nov 7, 2017:
"Man is the only animal who enjoys the consolation of believing in a next life.  All other animals enjoy the consolation of not worrying about it."

Nov 6, 2017:
The problem with settling for "good enough" is that it's so hard to distinguish it from "almost good enough."

Nov 5, 2017:
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a yearly salary increase."

Nov 4, 2017:
"There is a difference between denying reality and avoiding it whenever possible."

Nov 3 2017:
"The trick to succeeding is to stop thinking there's a trick to everything."

Nov 2, 2017:
"If there's an accusation most of us are guilty of, it is that we are trying to protect someone."

Nov 1, 2017:
"I believe there's a destiny that brings two people together -- but not for the purpose of making anything easier."

Oct 31, 2017:
"There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch."

Oct 30, 2017:
"There's a moment in life when you discover it's not all about you, usually when you meet the person it's all about."

Oct 29, 2017:
"A toast today to all the invisible people doing jobs mysteriously getting done."

Oct 28, 2017:
"One day, in your search for happiness, you find a partner by your side, and you realize that your happiness has come to help you search."

Oct 27, 2017:
"What a clever liar eventually learns is that telling the truth would have been more clever."

Oct 26, 2017:
"It is the worst trade we make in life -- who we are for what we want."

Oct 25, 2017:
"Sometimes people get the wrong impression about us because that is the one we keep making."

Oct 24, 2017:
"The problem with leaving behind a wasted planet is figuring out how to leave it behind."

Oct 23, 2017:
"Life is a series of experiences that make you an expert on what is best for someone else."

Oct 22, 2017:
"In times of distrust and division, a friendly smile is more than a gesture of civility -- it is a small protest."

Oct 21, 2017:
"The challenge of virtue is that it requires commitment, whereas evil is always offered as a free trial."

Oct 20, 2017:
"It is a rare blessing -- the love that stands in your shadow and considers it shade."

Oct 19, 2017:
"May you have the respect you earn, the gratitude you deserve and the love that leaves you wondering how you could have been so lucky."

Oct 18, 2017:
"I nod to a stranger, and the stranger nods back, and two people go off feeling a little less anonymous."

Oct 17, 2017:
"I am never two minutes into removing the clutter from my life before I start running into the clutter that is my life."

Oct 16, 2017:
"There are more martyrs to nonsense than truth, truth preferring missionaries."

Oct 15, 2017:
I always wonder, when someone tells me, "You know better than that," what I ever did to make them think so.

Oct 14, 2017:
Generally it's a good idea not to say "I love you" if there's something you don't mean by it.

Oct 13, 2017:
"I reject the notion that just because you call it reality, it doesn't have to meet some minimum standard."

Oct 12, 2017:
"So often when people tell you you must accept reality, it's not the same reality they accepted."

Oct 11, 2017:
"Ever wonder what might be achieved if climbing the management ladder and managing something were the same skill?"

Oct 10, 2017:
"I love you" -- if you've said it once, you've said it a thousand times.  But did you actually say it once?

Oct 9, 2017:
"One reason to learn from history is that it's such a good example of what happens if you don't."

Oct 8, 2017:
"The great thing about working in the arts is that every completed work leaves you a chance to try again what you had in mind."

Oct 4, 2017:
"If you don't learn from the past, you aren't likely to learn from the present, either."

Oct 3, 2017:
"If at first you don't succeed, you at least find out who your friends are."

Oct 2, 2017:
"Sometimes the best exercise of good judgment is knowing when to withhold your better judgment."

Oct 1, 2017:
"It is no secret but worth repeating.  At the core of all prejudice is self-loathing.  At the heart of all compassion is self esteem."

Sep 30, 2017:
"We are never too old, but we are always too young to realize it."

Sep 29, 2017:
"I am less motivated by people urging me to do the right thing than by people assuming I will."

Sep 28, 2017:
"You can live in an unfair world, feeling that somehow you deserve it, until one day you meet someone who clearly doesn't."

Sep 27, 2017:
"Those who warn of temptation rearing its ugly head have obviously never seen temptation."

Sep 26, 2017:
"If I chase a hopeless dream, it is because I have found it the best way to meet hopeful people."

Sep 25, 2017:
Another night, another "Why?"
I shout into the starry sky
To echo as a fading cry
Across the reach of no reply.

Sep 24, 2017:
"You cannot return to a time, but sometimes, together, you can return to a beginning."

Sep 23, 2017:
"The enemy of great dreams is not so much the cynic as the small dreamer."

Sep 22, 2017:
"Do not spend your life seeking security and then wonder why you never found happiness."

Sep 21, 2017:
"Hope is not a plan, but without it, nothing else is a plan, either."

Sep 20, 2017:
"You can awaken each day to obligations you never chose, or you can decide today to choose them."

Sep 19, 2017:
"Another thing you can learn from your dog is when to go lie under the dining room table and await developments."

Sep 18, 2017:
"I am accused of favoring dogs over people when, in fact, I favor whoever comes running when I whistle."

Sep 17, 2017:
"To be a parent is to feel that when something bad happens to you and you alone, it has taken the decoy."

Sep 16, 2017:
"To know the innermost thoughts of anyone is to know the innermost thoughts of everyone."

Sep 15, 2017:
"Once you see yourself as a victim of circumstances, it is possible to find a circumstance in just about anything."

Sep 14, 2017:
"You can be sure that the person who disparages others in your presence disparages you in their presence."

Sep 13, 2017:
"It is rare that two people can remember what they were searching for when they found each other."

Sep 12, 2017:
"We can be all in this together or all in this apart, but make no mistake, we're all in this."

Sep 11, 2017:
"In every relationship there are situations you need to talk through -- and situations where you need to be through talking."

Sep 10, 2017:
"Never mind that your actions seem hopeless.  Act anyway, for you have a greater ability to act than to judge hopelessness."

Sep 9, 2017:
"There is a final stage in the relaxation of morals where everything is offensive, but it doesn't offend anyone."

Sep 8, 2017:
"The heart has its reasons, and they aren't debate topics."

Sep 7, 2017:
"Sometimes love is just a comfort in each other's presence that shows up as long silences on the interstate."

Sep 6, 2017:
"The most  deserving cries for help are never heard, because they are never uttered."

Sep 5, 2017:
"How, child, do I know where you're headed?  Because I'm there, and I can see you coming."

Sep 4, 2017:
"Life is too short to spend it wishing you could live it over again."

Sep 3, 2017:

"There are memories I choose not to live with, but we hang out at the same bar."

Sep 2, 2017:

"Do things while you can and while they matter to you, because neither is a permanent state of affairs."

Sep 1, 2017:

"Perseverance is not by itself a plan, unless, of course, all other parts of the plan have failed."

Aug 26, 2017:
"It is possible to live a simple, uncomplicated life, but we usually call it by a different name.  We call it loneliness."

Aug 25, 2017:

"There are times when happiness needs less to be pursued than welcomed."

Aug 24, 2017:
"Though you lose all hope, there is still hope -- and it loves to surprise."

Aug 23, 2017:

"You get to an age when no matter what happens, you wish someone would put a stop to it."

Aug 22, 2017:

"It is not unreasonable to have faith in that which is necessary for your happiness."

Aug 21, 2017:

"As a dispenser of goods and services, government is a vending machine that swallows every other quarter."

Aug 20, 2017:

"Life is a series of adult choices, most of which life will try to get you to make before age 21."

Aug 19, 2017:

Never ask, "Did I do the best I could?" without allowing for the possibility that you did.

Aug 18, 2017:
"Another day, another chance that the happiness you don't dare to seek will wander into your comfort zone."

Aug 17, 2017:

"Just as darkness is the absence of light, ignorance is the absence of knowledge, and should not be mistaken for a point of view."

Aug 16, 2017:
"Do I believe in miracles?  Let me put it this way -- I believe in miracle workers."

Aug 15, 2017:

"So often the idea that something's stopping you is an obstacle illusion."

Aug 14, 2017:

"Pure evil does not promote itself as evil but as purity."

Jul 31, 2017:

"The challenge of caring only about yourself is to find sufficient motive."

Jul 30, 2017:

"Just when you think you've lost all interest in life, you lose a coin in a vending machine."

Jul 29, 2017:

"Occasionally it's good to devote a day to something in your life that's perfect but needs a little attention to stay that way." 

Jul 28, 2017:

"Good always has opportunity.  We need to give it motive.  Evil always has motive.  We need to deny it opportunity."

Jul 27, 2017:

"Just when you think you don't care, you meet some kid who thinks nobody cares."

Jul 26, 2017:

"The trouble with planning to repent on your deathbed is having to backpack the deathbed wherever you go." 

Jul 25, 2017:

"One does not grow wiser by knowing more but by becoming less certain." 

Jul 24, 2017:

There are people who never say, "In my opinion..."  They say, "The reality is..." when the reality is, it's their opinion. 

Jul 23, 2017:

"All we know about the universe is that it began as a swirling pool of hot gas that, as it cooled, began spinning off moral dilemmas." 

Jul 22, 2017:

"I have nothing against the human race.  I just think there are better role models for our children." 

Jul 21, 2017:

"Why would you bring a child into this world?  Because there is no other world and because your child has no other way into it." 

Jul 20, 2017:

"It is unlikely that any of us was born in order to find out what someone else would do in our shoes." 

Jun 20, 2017:

"I have never understood the purpose of hate, or how you know the purpose has been accomplished, and you can stop." 

Jun 19, 2017:

"Every lie has a reason, the reason also a lie." 

Jun 18, 2017:

"One perception you nearly always have wrong is that someone else would be better off if you weren't around." 

Jun 17, 2017:

"Whatever it is, it is better to discover it yourself than have it brought to your attention." 

Jun 16, 2017:

"No one is indispensable.  You live, you die, and everything you thought was your fault goes right on happening." 

Jun 15, 2017:
"I like friends who, when you tell them you need a moment alone, know enough not to stray too far." 

Jun 14, 2017:

"I dunno, you get to a point in life where you'd settle for life, liberty and the pursuit of can't complain." 

Jun 13, 2017:

"Failure is a lesson that has a moral to teach -- if you will focus less on the lesson and more on the moral." 

Jun 12, 2017:
"So often we choose to continue the life we know, only to discover that it was not one of the choices.." 

Jun 11, 2017:

"There is no more important leadership skill than the ability to interpret blank looks as agreement." 

Jun 10, 2017:

"It takes courage to risk a chance.  It takes heroism to risk the inevitable consequence." 

Jun 9, 2017:
"You have to pay the price for success.  It is a difficult thing to shoplift." 

Jun 8, 2017:

"Alas, by the time Fate caught up to my life, Chance had it all planned." 

Jun 7, 2017:

"Evidence suggests that every life form on earth was given the choice of intelligence or perfection -- and all but one chose perfection." 

Jun 6, 2017:

"I don't know if I ever met a certified fool, but I've met a few folks whose applications would be given serious consideration." 

Jun 5, 2017:

"The battle of good versus evil would be easier if evil would take a turn being the virtue." 

Jun 4, 2017:

"You can be a caring person or nobody's fool.  It is a difficult thing to be both." 

Jun 3, 2017:
"On the one hand, I'd like to expect the best of every human being I meet.  On the other hand, that would make me a cocker spaniel." 

Jun 2, 2017:

"Once there was a grain of sand that wanted to become a beach, an example of how you can't always do it all by yourself." 

Jun 1, 2017:
"Mostly what you learn from experience is that it would have better to learn from somebody else's." 

May 31, 2017:

"Those who warn of temptation rearing its ugly head obviously haven't seen temptation." 

May 30, 2017:

"Never lose hope, because miracles happen, and they need something to work with." 

May 29, 2017:
"I have never wished for more hours in the day, twenty-four being more than I have time for as it is." 

May 28, 2017:

"The first requirement in taking a step in the right direction is to take a step in some direction." 

May 27, 2017:

"Sometimes you need a missionary's faith, which is to say, a belief in the cumulative impact of actions that are all but hopeless." 

May 26, 2017:

"The hardest thing about making a difference is that it's never clear that you are." 

May 25, 2017:

"A nod, a smile, a pleasant hello -- they aren't anything.  And that's the point -- a little civility doesn't take anything." 

May 24, 2017:

Yes, I've been accused of wasting my time, to which I reply, "Whose time did you say that was again?" 

May 23, 2017:

"There is no actual law that says you cannot get locked into a daily routine that makes you happy." 

May 22, 2017:

"The great thing about advocating for animals is that it takes so little to satisfy your base constituency." 

May 21, 2017:

"If you could apply for a life of ease, what would you state as the purpose of your request?" 

May 20, 2017:
"Life is too short to care what people think of you who never do." 

May 19, 2017:

"The thing about people who understand you is that when they die, you can still visit them, and they still understand you."

May 18, 2017:

"We try to raise kids secure in our love and certain of their next meal, which, let's face it, doesn't leave much to negotiate with." 

May 17, 2017:

"No human being is anyone else's punishment or reward." 

May 16, 2017:

"Occasionally it's good to reassess those of your friendships in which you are the only participating friend."

May 15, 2017:

"Better to spend your time foolishly than to let it expire unused.".

May 14, 2017:

Whenever I see a lost soul and think, "There but for the grace of God go I," I realize that the grace of God was my mom.

May 13, 2017:
"There is exactly as much wealth as there are fair shares.  If someone has less than their fair share, someone else has more."

May 12, 2017:
"Once there was a couple who parted to go their separate ways only to discover that they didn't have any ways that were separate."

May 11, 2017:

"If all sins were forgivable, we wouldn't need forgiveness.  If everyone deserved mercy, we wouldn't need mercy."

May 10, 2017:

"The thing to realize about your prejudices is that they love to pose as your principles."

May 9, 2017:

"There are times in a relationship when the band plays, but mostly you dance to a remembered tune."

May 8, 2017:

"Let me put it this way -- I'm at the stage of life where no recent photograph of myself is recent enough."

May 7, 2017:

"Life is an educational process you can't drop out of -- you either learn the lesson or you become the lesson."

May 6, 2017:
"If you can't find God in 2 + 2 = 4, you won't find Him in E = MC squared, either."

May 5, 2017:

"Is it surprising that a generation that does not value marriage does not value compromise, generally?"

May 4, 2017:

"It is a sad lament -- the happiness you might have found if you had taken the path that still lies right there in front of you."

May 3, 2017:

"Who would not be a little dishonest if there were such a thing as a little dishonesty."

May 2, 2017:

"There is a state of denial called hope which I prefer to the state of denial called despair."

May 1, 2017:

"To be accepted for the person one pretends to be is all the understanding most people want."

Apr  30, 2017:

"The challenges of life would seem less daunting if we knew how daunting life can become without challenge."

Apr  29, 2017:

"If only mankind could start all over again -- and this time try it as womankind."

Apr  28, 2017:

"A simple rule -- never let anything that doesn't matter to you ruin something that does."

Apr  27, 2017:

"What does the devil want with your soul?  He wants to see what you'll pay to get it back."

Apr  26, 2017:

"Wouldn't it be cool if time traveled backwards, and everyone who was late had to wait around for everyone who was on time?"

Apr  25, 2017:
"The punctual have this in common with the chronically-late -- they run into exactly the same unexpected delays."

Apr  24, 2017:

"Sometimes Fate dilly-dallies in bringing two people together, and their guardian angels have to see to it."

Apr  23, 2017:

"Nothing makes a better first impression on me like some small visible evidence that you would like to."

Apr  22, 2017:
"The most common excuse of people who waited until the last minute is that something came up at the last minute."

Apr  21, 2017:

"The trouble with caring only about yourself is that it so often leads to not caring about anyone."

Apr  20, 2017:

"There are times when you don't need a miracle, but you definitely need something unknown to science."

Apr  19, 2017:

"Never let your emotions rule, but always let them testify."

Apr  18, 2017:
"Not everything unknown to science is unknown to possibility."

Apr  17, 2017:

"Sometimes, to find the silver lining, you have to realize that it's not all about you."

Apr  16, 2017:

"There are reasons why no one could ever love you, and you can be sure your lover knows them all."

Apr  15, 2017:

"Be happy and a reason will come along."

Apr  14, 2017:

"If you are not on your guard, putting on your unhappiness in the morning can become as instinctive as putting on your clothes."

Apr  13, 2017:
"The lesson of Good Friday is to never lose hope -- or at least give it the weekend."

Apr  12, 2017:

"I dunno -- seems like nothing ever brings you back to reality that makes you want to stay there."

Apr  11, 2017:
"Yes, there are people who might ruin my day -- if they were on the list of people I will let ruin my day."

Apr  10, 2017:

"Today is one of those spring days when your black mood seems an affront to the blue sky."

Apr  9, 2017:

"Remember that a hopeless situation is only a situation -- you are the one supplying the hopelessness."

Apr  8, 2017:

"There are Seven Deadly Sins, of which, so far, only Envy and Greed have organized politically."

Apr  7, 2017:

"It is not necessary that a good thing become a better thing.  Sometimes you just have to let a good thing be a good thing."

Apr  6, 2017:
"There are times when you just need to park your better judgment and listen to your better angels."

Apr  5, 2017:

"Do not expect the whole truth from those who have never told you the whole lie."

Apr  4, 2017:
"What good is a moral code that causes you to regret but never causes you to reconsider?"

Apr  3, 2017:

"In the end you don't need to know what love is.  You just need to know that certain people are safe from harm."

Apr  2, 2017:

"The mark of a clever conspiracy is that the people it conspires against think they are part of it."

Apr  1, 2017:

"You know something's wrong with the system when you find yourself begging for justice as if it were mercy."

Mar  31, 2017:

"Whatever you're trying to prove, it's good, occasionally, to spend a day not trying to prove it."

Mar  30, 2017:
"You can call it betrayal -- or you can understand that true love makes impossible promises."

Mar  29, 2017:

"Most of human progress is owed to people who refused to admit to themselves what everyone else already knew."

Mar  28, 2017:

"Optimism is the knack of not letting every conceivable thing that could ruin your life ruin your day."

Mar  27, 2017:
"You have to let trivial things make you happy.  You can't count on the important things."

Mar  26, 2017:

"Never let something ruin your life that wouldn't matter to you otherwise."

Mar  25, 2017:

"A lasting relationship can be owed to Fate or Chance, but more often it is owed to Second Chance."

Mar  24, 2017:
"If you're going to let some trivial thing ruin your day, the possibilities are endless."

Mar  23, 2017:
"All I know about the odds is that they're always against you if you never take the chance."

Mar  22, 2017:

"You can't predict everything that will happen, but if you know a little history, you can predict a few things that will happen again."

Mar  21, 2017:

"Say what you want about marriage, it's still the best-known cure for unnecessary conversation."

Mar 20, 2017:

"You're born, you die, and in between you try not to get involved.  Good luck with that."

Mar 19, 2017:

"There are things I regret not because I'm to blame but because they're regrettable and no one else is regretting them."